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Course Description
Weather Course: Location: Cape Fear Community College
Date and Time: Sept 28 - Nov 16

            Weather Course



Even the most experienced Captain will tell you that boating is always dependent on the weather. This course provides a basic understanding of atmospheric stability; forming the foundation of how weather systems build, move and interact with one another. You will learn how and why weather patterns circulate on earth, the effects of the atmosphere, oceans, air and land masses, wind pressure, ocean currents, jet stream, water, humidity, fog, clouds, and precipitation. The  level of information about our earth’s weather is guaranteed to give you a new-found appreciation and understanding of how daily weather can help or hinder your boating experience. You will get hands on training on how to predict anticipated weather along with insights into automated tools that every boater or weather enthusiast will find extremely useful. This course will benefit the most seasoned mariner as well as those to who never intend to venture out into the water but admire what “Mother Nature” can produce.








Each student will receive:

  • United States Power Squadrons® Weather Textbook - an explanatory text with full color photographs and drawings covering weather in the United States and its coastal and inland waters
  • Set of 3 millibar charts – to introduce weather forecasting and weather station symbology
  • NOAA’s Sky Watcher Chart - a reference identifying all of the cloud types – which serves as one tool to help identify approaching weather




9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16





Cape Fear Community College, Union Station Building - free campus parking.





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Cruise Planning


Ocean Waves


Learn to Forecast the Weather


Thunderstorms & Severe Weather


Ocean Currents & Computer Navigation


Choosing and using a VHF radio for your boat




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